Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Having a region free DVD player allows me to watch DVDs from all over the world. It also allows me to be look around for the best deal. Being the cheap bastard I am, I didn't purchase this 2006 horror comedy until it was about 5 bucks at Amazon UK. I usually buy stuff from Amazon UK because it is not available in the US yet, but sometimes it is just to save a buck.

When a weapons multi-national Palisade Defence reward their European sales division with a team-building weekend in the mountains of Eastern Europe, comedy blends with horror as the team fight first amongst themselves, and later for survival against a group of war-crazed killers intent on revenge. - www.film24.net

Being able to blend horror and comedy and still make us care about the characters isn't an easy thing to do. The movie gives us all of the normal slasher movie cliches, yet manages to make them funny. The movie doesn't skimp on the gore either, as you can tell from the screen shot from the movie.

I feel that in order to make a horror comedy work, you have to have respect for both genres. You need to play it straight or it turns into a parody. While you are laughing, you are also afraid for the characters and know that the threat is a real threat and that they could all get killed. In order to pull this off the acting must be good. The Director, Christopher Smith, spent 4 months in casting to make sure he got the right actors. Casting is perfect, with Danny Dyer stealing the show, using the getaway as an opportunity to order some "escorts" and consume as many mood altering substances as possible, including a hilarious scene where he has consumed an entire bag of "shrooms" and is having trouble figuring out what is real, including whether or not he has pissed himself. Of course he ends up being one of the unlikely heroes by the end of the story.

With a blend of horror, comedy, nudity and plenty of gore, this is a must see for anyone who likes horror comedies like Shaun of the Dead.


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