Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

Since it has been since forever that I wrote anything in here, I start wondering why I even have this blog. Or where the word blog comes from. Maybe I would write more often if it was called something else? I thought I better write about something, especially since I am currently one of the many unfortunate souls out there that have been laid off. I should have plenty of time to watch movies and write about them. The only problem is that when you are not working you are not earning money. Unemployment Insurance is a nice thing, but you still can't be spending that on DVDs and trips to the movie theater. I think I will need to go back through my collection and just start watching. I will try and review horror movies, but I like other obscure movies from all over the place, so I will try and review all kinds of stuff.

Everyone has done their Let the Right One In reviews, so I will skip that one. I will say that it is definitely my new favorite Vampire movie. I have watched it 3 times since I purchased the Blu-ray. Unfortunately I did not get the version with the revised subtitles, but that has not stopped my enjoyment of the movie. I have watched a few movies on so I will be reviewing those.

That is all for now, I have to drink some Tequila that my sister in-law just brought me from Mexico. Since the bottle is almost 2 liters, the reviews may have to wait for a little while!

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